Gadget bags:

Each bag is 5″x5″, has a zipper on the front, and a little “yarn” charm for a zipper pull.  Fully lined, and will hold all your accessories (scissors, sewing needle, stitch markers). $12

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When you place an order for a bag, please let me know what you like for colors in the comments section as I do not have all of the colors on the ordering page. You can ask for one that you see here, or, anything else.  I will email you to find out exactly what you would like before sending you any bag.

Here are some samples of bags/fabrics that we have in stock:

First, sheep and sheep dogs and chickens!


Next Yarn Balls (the fabric is yarn ball swirls, and available in many bright colors, really cool!) The close up of the red bag shows the yarn ball design:




Next, Batiks (these come in SO many colors, bright, dull, earthy, neutrals, just let me know what you like):



And, Paw Prints! (will have more animal fabrics soon):



I am now making the gadget bags out of faux leather, and cork! These bags are $15 each. I do not have them on the order page yet, so if you are interested, please just email me and I will do a custom order for you.

Here’s a sampling of the Faux Leather:


And a sampling of the Cork:













Project Bags:


Each bag is 9″x9″, has a zipper on the front, and a little tab so you can carry the bag, or attach it to a strap.  Fully lined, and is perfect for a small project, like socks, a cowl, small shawl, etc. $20

The project bags are available in any of the fabric that you see in the gadget bags. I just have not finished all of them, and have not taken pictures to post. But if you see a fabric in the gadget bag that you like, just put that in the “comments” section of your order for the project bag. Here are a couple samples:


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AND….I have Sets!  Each set consists of one project bag (with a pocket on the front), and one matching gadget bag.  Both are made using batik fabric, and cork.  A few samples shown here, but again, please email me and I will set up a custom order for you. The sets are $35.







Tote Bags:

These tote bags are quilted by me on my sewing machine.  Each one is fully lined, and has 2 pockets on the outside (some have pockets on the inside as well).  I use mine all the time and carry a LOT of weight with no problem. Price is listed under each tote bag.

Bag#1-Pastel Multi colors                           12″ tall and 14″ wide   $60


Bag#2- Browns & greens                                13″ tall and 15″ wide    $60


Bag#3- Bright reds and yellows                   13″ tall and 14″ wide    $60


Bag#4-Blues, dark and light                      12″ tall and 20″ wide   $65


Bag#5-Greens                            12″ wide and 10″ tall   $40


Bag#6-Purples, dark and light                          17″ wide and 20″ high   $65

Round Project Bags:

These bags are about 8″ wide (16″ circumference) and 10″ tall, have a drawstring closure, and are fully lined with ripstop nylon so your knitting doesn’t get caught inside. They are the perfect size for a smaller project, socks, shawl, and there’s even room for a gadget bag inside! 

Just started making them, so color selection is limited at this time, but will have more coming! If you like the colors of the gadget bags, I can make one of the project bags with most of those colors.   $20

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First picture just shows what the inside looks like, and the second picture shows the outside:



Wine Tote/Drop Spindle Bag

These bags are about 8″ wide (16″ circumference), and 12″ tall, fully lined with two layers, one “warm & natural” batting, plus a layer of insulbrite”. This will keep your bottle of wine chilled for hours!  That was the original idea for these bags, because of the two layers of batting, they will protect your drop spindle from breaking, plus are the perfect size for a drop spindle and small ball of fiber!    $20

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Right now, I do not have very many, so if you are interested, please let me know and tell me what colors you like. I’ve put a couple pictures on here so you can get an idea of what they look like.

OR……I can make one out of most of the colors that the gadget bags are made in.  Just ask and I will custom sew one for you.