Each colorway is shown first in fiber, then in yarn (as soon as I get the pictures online, that is!), but keep in mind that each one is handpainted, so will vary from one batch to the next, plus each different fiber/yarn will take the dye differently, and everyone’s monitor is different as well, so your order might not look exactly like what you see in the picture. At the bottom of the page I have shown how the colors will look quite different, depending on what yarn base, or fiber base, you choose.

If you would like a custom color, something that you do not see here, PLEASE email me!!  I am always happy to do custom colors, I love doing custom colors!!!!

To clarify how the colorways work, here are some pictures of yarn and fiber in the Ocean Waters colorway.  The first picture is in “Variegated”, which means the yarn is dyed in longer sections, usually from 4-18″ long, depending on the colorway.  The second picture is in “Pansy”, which means in little bits of color (think of a field of pansies, lots of different little amounts of color). This colorway tends to be slightly more muted because the colors do blend just a little bit, but in the finished garment, you will see very small sections of color rather than longer stripes or sections. The third picture is in “Speckled”, which means the base color of the yarn is visible, and there are small bit of color, but much less than in the Pansy colorway. And then the fourth picture shows two different tonal colors, a turqiouse, and a purple that have been taken from the Ocean Waters colorway.

UNLESS you ask for something specific, all orders will be done as a “variegated” colorway, so if you would prefer the “pansy” or “speckled”, please be sure to mention that in the comments section (or email me!)







Tonal: (one purple and one turquoise)


OK, so here are all the colorways, pictured for now in the fibers:

Berry Patch…raspberry, teal green, and a little blue.


Earth’s Royalty…gold, rust, mauvey-purple, moss green, brown.


Eclipse (without sunshine)……red, black


Eclipse (with sunshine)……red, orange, yellow, and a little black


Fall Leaves…red (bright to dark), rust, brown.

Fall Leaves.jpg

Horizon….earthy purple, rust, teal blue, brown.


Ledges….browns, tans, grays, blacks.


Mexican Fiesta…bright! red, orange, blue.


Muddy Waters…blues, greens, brown.


Ocean Waters….turquoise, blue, purple.


Purple Mountain Majesty….purples, raspberry, little black.


Rainbow….painters primary colors, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green.


Rainbow Reflection…printers primary colors….bright yellow, orange, magenta, purple cyan, lime green.


Santa Fe…turquoise, red, gold,  green.

Santa Fe.jpg

Southwestern Desert….peach, brown, moss green.


Stormy Skies…dark blue, bright blue, little purple and black.


Under the Sea….Teal green, little lime green, turquoise, purple.


Wildflowers….hot pink, orange, lime green.

IMG_3117 2.jpg

Different Fibers take the dye differently:

This is a picture of the Rainbow colorway on several different fibers. You can see how each fiber takes the dye differently.  The skein on top is a BFL blend (and has little “neps”, which shows up as little black flecks). Underneath, starting at the top, is a skein of yak blend. Below that is a merino/tencel blend. All three of those skeins have been dyed in the “variegated” format. That is why you see the longer strands of each color, and the colors are more bold when dyed in this format.  The last skein is also the merino/tencel blend, but dyed in the “Pansy” format.  You can see how the exact same yarn will look quite different depending on how it was dyed. Pictured below the skeins is a ball of BFL/silk fiber in Rainbow. This is mostly to show that although you see a color on my website, it completely depends on what yarn base you would like as to how the color will actually look. These are all Rainbow, but they all look very different.