Berry Patch…raspberry, teal green, and a little blue.

Earth’s Royalty…gold, rust, mauvey-purple, moss green, brown.

Eclipse (without sunshine)……red, black

Eclipse (with sunshine)……red, orange, yellow, and a little black

Fall Leaves…red (bright to dark), rust, brown.

Horizon….earthy purple, rust, teal blue, brown.

Ledges….browns, tans, grays, blacks.

Mexican Fiesta…bright! red, orange, blue.

Muddy Waters…blues, greens, brown.

Ocean Waters….turquoise, blue, purple.

Purple Mountain Majesty….purples, raspberry, little black.

Rainbow….painters primary colors, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green.

Rainbow Reflection…printers primary colors….bright yellow, orange, magenta, purple cyan, lime green.

Santa Fe…turquoise, red, gold,  green.

Southwestern Desert….peach, brown, moss green.

Stormy Skies…dark blue, bright blue, little purple and black.

Under the Sea….Teal green, teal blue, turquoise, purple.

Wildflowers….hot pink, orange, lime green.


If you order as a “variegated” colorway, each color will vary from 6-18″ long.


If you order as a “pansy” it will have little bits of colors rather than longer stretches, (when you look at a field of pansies, you see lots of little bits of colors).


If you order as a “speckled” it will have lots of white background with very little bits of colors from the colorway sprinkled throughout the skein.


If you order a “tonal”, you can pick one color from the colorway (ie: the raspberry from Berry Patch). These can be just slightly different tones, or extremely tonal to the point of having white in the skein (let me know in the notes when you order).


Samples of some of the colorways:



This picture contains Rainbow using several different fibers. You can see how each fiber takes the dye differently.  The skein on top is a BFL blend, the first skein underneath is a yak blend, the next one is a merino/tencel blend, and the last skein is Rainbow in the Pansy format.  Then, there is a ball of BFL/silk fiber in Rainbow.



Pictures coming soon of all of the colorways!