Butterfly Cowl and Shawl:

This is one of our newest yarn sets, and I am really excited about this one.  I have been seeing the Butterfly shawl at many shows, and discovered it’s also available as a cowl, and I’ve got sets for both. 

Please note that you do need to purchase the patterns for both the Butterfly Cowl and the Butterfly Shawl on Ravelry directly from Marin Melchior, the pattern does NOT come with the set.

First, The Cowl. This is a quick fun project that takes very little yarn, but comes out as a stunning cowl!  I have designed five different color combinations for this set.  The set is $20 and is available to order here:

Click here to order: https://ellenshalfpintfarm.square.site/product/butterfly-cowl-yarn-set/242?cs=true

Right now I have four color combinations, each is shown in the display garments below (with one more coming).

Spring color combination (think bright flowers, hot pink and orange, with new bright green for the main color, and a very dark green as the contrasting color)
Summer color combination (lots of different flowers, all the colors of the rainbow, with yellow sunshine as the contrast color)
Fall color combination (fading colors, peach and light green, with browns for the contrast color)

Winter color combination (deep winter purples, with an icy blue contrast color)


And next, the Shawl!  This set is also available in the four color combinations that are shown for the cowl.  Here’s a couple pictures of it in the Summer combination, just so you can get the general idea:

Click here to order the Yarn set for the Shawl:  https://ellenshalfpintfarm.square.site/product/butterfly-shawl-yarn-set/257?cs=true&cst=custom


The Shift, Nightshift, and Shiftalong:

ALL of these are a set of yarn, and you will need to purchase the pattern directly from Andrea Mowry, available on Ravelry.  These yarn sets do NOT include the pattern.

The Shift………

Here’s a picture of the Shift, from Andrea’s Ravelry pattern:


These yarn sets are 100% wool, non-superwash.  The yarn is a white & gray base, so the garment has some black, along with the dyed colors. Each set is three different colors, 2 oz each, for a total of 600 yards.  The set is $40, and available to purchase here:

Click here to order the Yarn Set for the Shift:  https://ellenshalfpintfarm.square.site/product/shift-yarn-set/259?cs=true&cst=custom

The Shift, shown in the yellow/red/black combination, and in the teal blues with aquas and greens combination. 



Here are some samples of the color combinations that I have dyed. Because these come in so many different combinations, I don’t have all of them shown to choose from. When you order, please let me know what you like for colors.  Before I dye your set, I will email you to be sure I have the right combination for you!!!


















Blues & Greens:











I am now also dyeing these sets in a yarn that does not have the black/gray base, so they come out much brighter.  Here’s a sample of a Shift garment using this yarn, and the actual set: (will have more samples of colors soon)



Here are some samples of some colors I have dyed.  Most are gone, but, I can dye any of these combinations, or any other that you would like!



Here are more sets that were in stock with the black thread spun in.  Most are now gone, but I will dye any of these color combinations, and any other you would like!



The Nightshift:

The pattern calls for 6 skeins of yarn, at 150 yards each, for a total of 900 yards. The yarn that I have for these sets has only 120 yards, so these sets have 8 skeins in them, for a total of 960 yards. The yarn is 100% wool, non-superwash.  The yarn is a white & gray base, so the garment has some black, along with the dyed colors. Each set goes in a sequence, and each skein has two colors, that will blend in with the previous color, and the next color in the sequence. Reallly fun!! The Nightshift sets are $85.

Here’s a picture of the Nighshift, a close up of the colors in the garment, then a picture of the eight skeins of yarn, in sequence:




The sequence for the above Nighshift is: Bright blue-light blue-teal blue-teal green-lime green-deep purple-violet-turquoise-bright blue.   Every skein has two colors, and each color is in two skeins!!!  So, Skein #1 has Bright blue & light blue, skein #2 has light blue & teal blue, skein #3 has teal blue & teal green, skein #4 has teal green & lime green, skein #5 has lime green & deep purple, skein #6 has deep purple & violet, #7 has violet and turquoise, skein #8 has turquoise & bright blue. Sounds a little confusing, but once you lay out all the skeins, you can see the color sequence to follow. And it doesn’t matter which color you start with as long as you follow the sequence!!

Click here to order the Nightshift: https://ellenshalfpintfarm.square.site/product/nightshift-yarn-set/294?cs=true&cst=custom

The Shiftalong:

A fun little hat! These sets have two skeins of non-superwash yarn, 200 yards each, for a total of 400 yards. Like the Shift, I have had lots of fun dyeing random color combinations, so once you place your order, you can make a note in the comments as to what colors you like, but I will email you to be sure we get your color choice right! I’ve got some samples of colors here on the website, but can do sooooooo many different combinations! The Shiftalong sets are $28.

This picture is taken from Andrea’s pattern, once I get my sample hat from my knitter, I will post that picture here.


A few samples of color combinations for the Shiftalong, but please let me know what you like for colors, and I will email you to be sure I dye exactly what you want!!






Click here to order the Shiftalong set:  https://ellenshalfpintfarm.square.site/product/shiftalong-hat-yarn-set/295?cs=true&cst=custom


Dissent Cowl

This is the Dissent cowl that is designed by Carissa Browning. I love this design, it’s fun and easy to follow the pattern, and the dark background with light design is stunning.  The picture of the cowl here is from the pattern, and the second picture is of the one that I am knitting.

The yarn is a 75% merino & 25% nylon, machine washable, two skeins per kit have 215 yards each. Kits are $30.

Please note that you do need to purchase the pattern on Ravelry, directly from Carissa Browning.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is dissentcowl_13_small2.jpg


Click here to order: http://www.ellenshalfpintfarm.com/



Shaded Shawl Kits:

This is another of my new yarn sets/kits.  This kit consists of three skeins, all dyed in the same colorway, but using different bases (white, tan, and gray).  The result is a subtle shading. Please do keep in mind that this shows up much better in the lighter, or brighter colorways.  Examples below of the skeins first in the Wildflowers colorway, and then in the Stormy Skies colorway. The shawl is a simple, fun one to knit. Yarn is 75% superwash merino, and 25% nylon, 75 grams, 325 yards.  The finished shawl is 15″ tall, and 45″ from end to end.

Kits come with the pattern, and the cost is $25.

Click here to order Shaded Shawl kit: https://ellenshalfpintfarm.square.site/product/shaded-shawl-kit/260?cs=true&cst=custom

Speckle & Variegated


This set has two skeins of fingering weight yarn, using the same colorway, one is variegated, the other is speckled. The two shawls are from  Casapinka, and does not come with the yarn, you will need to purchase either one of the patterns from her Ravelry store.


The above shawl is called Breath and Hope.



The above shawl is called Hug Shot.

You have a choice of two different yarn sets, each one is at least 400 yards, and is $55

Sparkle and Speckle yarn set has sparkle in the variegated skein, just to add a little pizzaz to your shawl!

Click here to order:https://ellenshalfpintfarm.square.site/product/variegated-speckle-set-sparkle-/261?cs=true&cst=custom

If you prefer no sparkle, this set can be a combination of any of the sock weight skeins:

Click here to order: https://ellenshalfpintfarm.square.site/product/variegated-speckle-set-tencel-/262?cs=true&cst=custom

These are the sets that I currently have in stock, but can dye any of the colorways:












Rainbow Warrier!

The next two designs also use one of the sets of two skeins of sock yarn.  However, these are not a variegated and a speckled.  These two sets consist of a darker onsie (semi-solid), and a coordinating variegated. They are also designed by Casapinka, and you will need to purchase the pattern from her Ravelry store.



Above is the Rainbow Warrier shawl.



Above is the Rainbow Warrier Cowl.

Colorway Combo sets:

These sets are based on my standard colorways.  Each set includes five mini-skeins, 1 oz, and about 120 yards, for a total of 600 yards, 100% merino.  Cost is $40.

Click here to order: https://ellenshalfpintfarm.square.site/product/colorway-combo-set/258?cs=true&cst=custom

You choose a colorway that you like, and it will come as a set of: one variegated skein, one pansy skein, and three solid (slightly variegated) of three different colors within that colorway.

First example is shown in the Wildflowers Colorway, second is in the Great Lakes Shoreline colorway.  The skein on the far left is the variegated, then there are three skeins of one color each, taken from the colors in the variegated, and the last skein on the far right is the same colorway, only dyed in the “pansy” method.



When you purchase a Colorway Combo set, you have a choice of three different patterns:

First is the Linen Stitch Scarf.  Love this scarf! It is NOT a quick knit, but is a great one for when you want to just knit and not have to pay attention!! This display garment was knit using the above Wildflowers set. (this pattern is also available as a set, not in the colorway combo, please see below!).


The second option is the Combo Set shawl, a design by Vicki Byram, of Red Oak Designs.  It is shown in the Ocean Waters Colorway Combo:




The third option is a free pattern on Ravelry (Pincha Shawl, by Pinpilan Wangsai), and you will need to download that yourself, I cannot include it with the yarn set (but will include a note about how we used the combo set in the pattern to get this effect).  This is shown in the above Great Lakes Combo set:



Linen Stitch Scarf

This is a super fun to knit scarf.  It actually looks like it was woven, but is knit.  Because of the stitch, the colors are pulled up from the previous row so they are blended well.  Kit includes 5 mini-skeins and the pattern. Let me know what colors you like and we will put together a custom kit for you.   $40



Click here to order

Gradient sets: 

This is a set of five fingering weight skeins, all 100% merino with a very tight twist for great stitch definition.  Some sets are tonal, from light to dark, and other sets go from one color to another.  Each set will do either the Gradient Shawl, Circling St John, or the Ribbed Hat (one pattern of your choice is included, IF you ask). Please email me with your color preference.

Click here to order

Each set is a total of 600 yards, 100% merino, 5 oz and is $40.

Garment Choices: 

Gradient Shawl, designed by Vicki Byram of Red Oak Designs (shown in deep purples):


Ribbed Hat, a simple little ribbed hat pattern, designed by Ellen’s 1/2 Pint Farm (shown in red to yellow):

Circling St John, A “simple” circle,  with an intriguing twist. It’s symmetrical and reversible as a scarf or a wrap. Designed by Jeanne Abel of Nature Speaks Designs (shown in blues):


The following are samples of tonal sets that I can dye.  Some are currently in stock, some are not, but I will dye for you whatever color set you would like, just let me know.

Red to pink
Red to yellow


Blue to red

Turquoise to lime
Blue to teal

Bella Sorella Kits

These kits are for the cancer benefit walk that I do every July.  For every kit that is sold, for $28,  $18 of that goes to the Prouty.   There are currently 5 patterns that you can choose from (please let me know when ordering which one you would like).



Pinch Pot Bag:


Fingerless Mitts:






Click here to order

Please email to let me know what colors you like, and I will let you know what I have in stock, or can dye any combination for you.