These are the sets for the Shift and the Shiftalong, in the Ukraine flag colors. They are the same yarn as the other sets, but these are yellow, and blue for the Shiftalong. The Shift is yellow, blue, and the third skein is a field of Sunflowers, light sky blue, a little yellow, and a gold-rusty-orange-brown.

ALL profit from these sets will be sent to Voices for Children. A non-profit organization that helps children deal with the effects of war, and these funds will be earmarked for the children in Ukraine.

The sets are the same price as the regular Shift & Shiftalong sets. Shift sets are $40, and $24 will be donated, Shiftalong sets are $28, and $17 will be donated. That leaves just enough to cover the cost of the yarn.

Click here to order, and please just type “Ukraine” in the “comments”. Thank you so much!

For SPA virtual, I did something a little different. There was no show colorway, instead we did a show special. Since we are hopefully “shifting” from dealing with the virus to maybe getting back to some kind of normal soon, I put all of my Shift sets on sale, which included sets for the Shift, the Nightshift, and the Shiftalong. Please note these are yarn sets, you need to purchase the pattern directly from the designer, Andrea Mowry, on her Ravelry store. The pattern does NOT come with the yarn sets.

Because we are still in that “shifting” mode, I am going to leave the Shift sets up here on the special page. The SPA special price is gone, but you can still order any of the sets on my secure site.

Links to the ordering page here, and these sets are at the top of the page:

First, the Shift……

I’ve had the yarn sets for the Shift since last May, and have been having lots of fun dyeing them. They actually sold out at the few shows we went to last year, and I have been doing a lot of mail order. These sets, which have three skeins of coordinating colors, are $40.

Here’s the Shift (picture is from Andrea’s pattern):

And a few samples of Shifts using my sets of yarn:

And now I have new sets!!! These new ones do not have the black thread spun in, so the colors are brighter.

The sets will be dyed randomly, even though I do have some examples on the website, but when you place your order, I will send you an email to see what you would like for color combinations.

Next, the Nightshift..

The pattern calls for 6 skeins of yarn, at 150 yards each, for a total of 900 yards. The yarn that I have for these sets has only 120 yards, so these sets have 8 skeins in them, for a total of 960 yards. Each set follows a sequence, and each skein has two colors, that will blend in with the previous color, and the next color in the sequence. Reallly fun!! The Nightshift sets are $85.

Here is a picture of the Nightshift, taken from Andrea’s pattern:

Here is a sample of the Nightshift, and a close up of the colors & how they look in the garment. This yarn set started with bright blue, and is moving through turquoise, bright purple, deep purple, lime green, teal green, teal blue, darker blue, light blue, bright blue. The fun thing is, you knit until you run out of one color, then move to the next. Start with any color you like, and just move through the sequence.

Here are the skeins from the above Nightshift. They are laid out so you can see the shifting color sequence. The garment starts with:

#1-Bright Blue & Turquoise, then moves to

#2-Turquoise & Violet, then to

#3-Violet & Deep Purple

#4-Deep Purple & Lime Green

#5-Lime Green & Teal Green

#6-Teal Green & Teal Blue

#7-Teal Blue & Medium Blue

#8-Medium Blue & Bright Blue

Here is a picture of the skeins laid out (color sequence is from the bottom up!):


I also have the following color sets for the Nightshift:

Naturals (tans, browns, grays, blacks)

Purples & Pinks

Blues & Greens

Reds, yellows, blacks

Yarn still drying, but will have picture soon!

Last, and least!, the Shiftalong.……..

The Shiftalong is a fun little hat, great way to start knitting the Shifting collection. These sets have two skeins, coordinating colors, for a total of 400 yards. Like the Shift, I have had lots of fun dyeing random color combinations, so once you place your order, you can make a note in the comments as to what colors you like, but I will email you to be sure we get your color choice right! I’ve got some samples of colors here on the website, but can do sooooooo many different combinations, any custom combination you would like! The Shiftalong sets are $28.

This picture is taken directly from Andrea’s pattern. Will have more pictures soon, but my knitter, as fast as Vicki is, can only knit so fast!!!

Here are a couple sample sets (more samples on the Kits & Sets page):