This page will feature any odds and ends, specials, leftovers, yarns that are not my regular yarns, but ones that are available for mail order. Now that we are back to shows, most of the “odds and ends” are not up on the site. We’re selling them at shows.

All of the following yarns on this page are a one-time deal.  Please make sure you choose a pattern that will work with the yardage as this is all we’ve got, and I cannot dye more for you!

Mohair Boucle: SOLD OUT

Soy Silk sock yarn: What I had in stock is sold out, but I’ve got more undyed, and will be getting that dyed up this winter and ready to bring to the spring shows.

I am also going through all of my one-time yarns, some are ones that I bought one skein of, just to try, and some I have 20 skeins thinking I might add them to my “standard” yarns, but then decided not to add them. My plan is to dye all that I can over this winter, and then bring them to the shows next year. They will all be at a very reduced price…I need to clean them out!!!