This page will feature any odds and ends, specials, leftovers, yarns that are not my regular yarns, but ones that are available for mail order. Normally these will be available only at shows, but since the shows area all virtual, I am making them available here.

All of the following yarns on this page are a one-time deal.  Please make sure you choose a pattern that will work with the yardage as this is all we’ve got, and I cannot dye more for you!

Mohair Boucle:

For now, we have available large skeins of mohair/nylon boucle.  Each skein is 16-18 oz,  1,000-1,100 yards, and plenty for a full sweater. Because mohair tends to bloom, and the boucle needs room, we recommend using a larger needle, size 10-13.  I’ve posted a few of the colors, but if you would like to order, please email me and let me know what colors you like (blues, or greens, or purples, etc) and I will send you pictures of all the skeins I have in that color.

$60 per skein.

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